Chad Howse is Proud to Bring You An Unconventional Approach to Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

There’s a universal law that applies to all of us before we build our ideal body:

You can’t get new results doing the same ol’ workouts and eating the same ol’ food.


After an extensive look at what’s held you back thus far, your goals, your body type, and even your schedule, I create a custom nutrition and training program that will get you results. You’ll get video instructions on how to do all of the exercises and I’ll be tracking your progress as you move through your customized program.

If you’re not afraid of a little hard work, I’ll FINALLY help you develop your ideal body.

That’s where my online training system comes in FOR YOU:

  • No more guessing, or trying and failing. I’ll teach you how to get results fast.
  • No more trial and error. We’re going to be implementing proven training and nutrition principles that will help you achieve YOUR fitness goals.

What sets this online coaching apart from the rest?

  • COMPLETE access to me.

  • Programs tailored to YOUR needs and obstacles:

  • Don’t have a lot of time? We’ll work around that.

  • Don’t have access to very much equipment, we’ll work around that.

  • Video Examples of EVERY exercise.

  • Tracking software that shows you how much weight you’re lifting, how you’re improving each week.

  • App access – you get to follow along ON YOUR PHONE.

It really is the best coaching program around. And with my decade experience helping everyone from professional athletes, actors, and weekend warriors, I’ll help you build your ideal body no matter how you define that or what obstacles you need to overcome.

Can’t afford a personal trainer?

No Worries!

If we work to work together at my gym, it could cost you as much as $600 for 2 sessions! That’s thousands of dollars every week.

What’s nuts is I don’t even take one-on-one clients anymore because of the web site and how its grown over the years, but I still want to help people get in great shape in a more custom approach than the killer programs I’ve created.

With my coaching program you get CUSTOM workouts that will get you the best results as fat as possible – which includes a nutrition plan – for only $299/month!

The goal is to get the absolute BEST results you can possibly get in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • FAST transformations: we’re going to get you results, fast.
  • Improve power, speed, athleticism and – in turn – a big boost in confidence.
  • Have more energy to do everything you love to do.
  • Burn fat fast and build a body you’re proud of.

Here are a couple of my success stories so far:

Chad Howse Testimonial
“Chad has was the motivating factor to take me from the ordinary to the extradinary. I was always the guy who went in to the gym every week knowing that I was doing the same thing I did the week before. The dynamic workouts I learned from Chad have forever changed my body and my lifestyle. I was tired of telling people I went to the gym four days a week but was scared to take my shirt off. His work outs JUST MAKE SENSE.”


Chad Howse testimonial 2

Ivan Lo

3-Month Commitment

I’m committing a lot of time to your success here, so I need the same commitment from you. In this case it’s a minimum 3-month commitment so we can see some real change in your physique, but also so I can equip you with the tools necessary to send you on your way and succeed on your own.

  • Gain Lean, Powerful Muscle –> FAST!
  • Save Money and Get INSANE Results.
  • Custom Programs and Nutrion Plans to Help You Build YOUR Ideal Body.


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