How Fear Will Shape Your Legacy

How a man views fear will shape his life, his love, and his legacy. From a young age we’re taught to use fear as a gage. If something scares us, we are to stay away from it. If something is safe, we gravitate towards it. We’re taught that fear as a mechanism to keep us […]

My Mission. Will You Help Me Carry it Out?

You, like I, are on a mission to create something indelible. We’re not here for mediocrity. We’re not trying to blend in; to be amongst the crowd. We aren’t concerned with being average, with creating average lives, taking the easy path, or building average bodies. We have the fundamental understanding that life is a gift, one […]

Fuck Mediocrity and Become a Legend

John Wayne Alpha Male

Fuck mediocrity. Say that at every opportunity this year. Every time I write an article, workout, buy something, set a goal, book a trip, read an email… I’ll say The hell with mediocrity. No half-assedness, only whole-hearted and purposeful action. No small plans, only gargantuan missions. The other night my dad made a statement that […]

Why ‘Be Legendary’?

Be Legendary

Muhammad Ali. Joe Frazier. Legendary. The status of being Legendary is reserved for a select few that are revered for what they have accomplished, the men or women that they have become, and what they have given other human beings. The list of true Legends isn’t long. And it’s one of the few words that hasn’t lost […]

How to Become A Legend

Be Legendary

“If you make yourself more than just a man. If you devote yourself to an ideal. Then you become something else entirely. A legend, Mr. Wayne. A LEGEND.” How fitting is that quote from the recently released trailer for, “the Dark Knight Rises” (the new Batman movie) for this site? Not to mention the emphasis […]