Why I Wake Up Every Morning With a Boner, And You Should Too.

Waking up, one of the theme songs from Lone Survivor, the movie, tingles my eardrums in the wee hours of the morning as I toss and turn, struggling rise at 5am. Accompanying the song and the groggy eyes is a boner. The word makes me chuckle, probably because, at heart, I’m an 8 year old who still giggles at the sound of a fart, but the boner is important and deadly serious.Not the actual boner, but the fact that I have one as I rise - hehe, as I rise. You see, having an erection when you … [Read More...]

Bodybuilder Legs

3 Solutions for Skinny Legs

Welcome! As a Gift, Check Out This FREE ProgramThe other day I was taking a lady out for a drink here in Uruguay, I must have mentioned something about her looks being easy on the eyes because she responded in kind with a complement of her own, and it wasn’t about me face – I’m […]

Robert E Lee

5 Steps to Gain Real Power

The true measure of the power a man wields isn’t in what or who he controls, but how much power he has over himself. Power, in the sense of position or rank or responsibility, can be given. Power, when it’s given without true merit is of little value as the man who’s given power is unlikely […]

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10 Steps to Becoming A Loser

Working isn't always a simple as it ought to be. You'd think that if we have something to do, we'd sit right now and do it. Alas, this isn't the way things always are.Right now, writing this little article, I'm sitting in a cafe in Buenos Aires. Okay, I actually sat down two hours ago with the … [Read More...]

How To Find Yourself

Who are you?Many of us wander through life without truly taking the time to discern who we are. We don't know our values, nor what we want in life, nor where we're headed.We're stuck simply being, and ignorant to the fact that this being is out of line with what we really want or who we … [Read More...]

Are You Wasting Their Sacrifice?

A couple weeks ago I was in Esquel, a town in the middle of the Argentinean Andes. I was there visiting family. Family I’d never met before, nor really known much about. (Check out: A Man's Guide to Adventure)They’re my mom’s cousins. So, my Nona’s sister’s daughters. The fact that they were … [Read More...]

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Porn and manhood

Does Porn Have a Place in a Man’s Life?

Where does porn fit in to your life’s narrative? That is, with you not being a guy who’s content with mediocrity but instead a man who has a fundamental understanding that we have one, brief life that’s but a flicker of light in the story of eternity, giving us a responsibility to make the best and be the best with […]

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Why You Need to Be An Essentialist

Where many of us falter is not in a lack of time, but in a lack of clarity. We fail to realize just what’s essential in our lives and in our businesses. Our priorities, if we were to sit down and write them on a piece of paper, would drastically differ from what we give our time to. This needs to change.Looking at how I plan and structure my days, I need some clarification with a few things, … [Read More...]

The Missing Ingredient In Modern Men: Character

There is so much that’s out of our control in life. With what’s within our control, however, we have to make the most of or else our lives, our fate, our happiness will never be ours.I’m reading, Where Men Win Glory, the odyssey of Pat Tillman. Before that it was, Unbroken, the story of Louie Zamperini. Before that it was, Killing Jesus, the saga of a man who’s impact on the world can’t come … [Read More...]

How to Get Excited About Your Life

I woke up this morning a tad groggy from the vino that flowed so freely the night before, but a smile soon graced my beard-covered face. It wasn't because I woke up in surroundings that necessarily brought me joy or in a life that made me automatically happy, though both of those things are choices and perspectives I have chosen to act upon; nay, I woke up with a smile on my face because I am … [Read More...]

6 Steps to Get Out of a Funk

Across the table sits two beautiful ladies, I just downed the best steak of my life, a ribeye from a quaint little restaurant in San Carlos de Bariloche, and all of a sudden I feel queazy. The night before I'd drank my fill of whiskey shots and old fashioned's and slid 100 Argentinian pesos (not a whole lot) to the bartender to play Johnny Cash for the entire night and nothing but Johnny Cash. I … [Read More...]