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Up until my mid- twenties I was a scrawny, weak, under-achiever. I was working my butt off in the gym, eating everything under the sun, but never gaining any lean muscle.

Here I am in high school going into the 12th grade. I have very few pictures with my shirt off… I’m guessing you can see why? 

Only 8 months after I started training a new, and strange way, THIS is what I looked like…

powerhowse challenge

This is the story of that transformation, and of how thousands since have benefitted from the same, unique techniques.

Have you ever felt that where you work, how you look, and how people perceive you doesn’t fit the ambitious, strong, and powerful guy you KNOW you are deep down?

That’s what being skinny was to me…

It led me to live a smaller life than what I wanted. Being skinny made me feel weak and helpless, and I’m not talking in the physical sense.

The greatest benefit of my transformation was confidence. But I also had more energy, increased motivation, and a quiet confidence that came from accomplishing something that had eluded me for such a long time.

After gaining 32 lbs of ripped muscle in 32 weeks, I…

  • Quit my job and start my own business.
  • Travelled to countries, even on my own, that I’d never even dreamed of visiting (that’s me in Costa Rica below).
  • Lived life on my own terms. Made my own rules. And CREATED my own future, and present…

costa rica

How did I go from a skinny weakling, to a strong, successful entrepreneur, who now helps guys like you (and like me) build their ideal bodies?

The only reason why I’m now 185 pounds of ripped, athletic muscle, is because of a job.

I had been fighting (boxing) and looking for work for a number of months when my Old Man introduced me to the owner of one of the best gyms in my city, who was also his close friend.

To my surprise, he gave me a job – which was more like a paid internship under his head trainer, a guy in charge of writing the programs for the dozens of professional athletes that trained in his facility.

This guy, who I’ll call my mentor, turned what I knew about fitness upside down.

He showed me 3 POWERFUL Myths that held me back from building muscle.

Knowing what these myths were, and how to change my training led me to my transformation. But also helping hundreds of other guys create their transformations.

Walking into that gym on my first day of work, I had a body that looked like this…

before pic

9 months into this apprenticeship, THIS is what I looked like…

10 Minute Fat Loss

One of the guys I’ve helped using these very same techniques is Barry…

Barry Pics

A guy who was overweight, unconfident, and lazy, before he decided to Man Up! And take the PowerHowse Challenge. Look at him on the right. Today he’s a different man. A successful one. Ambitious. Full of energy, and JACKED.

Ivan Pics

After Ivan’s transformation, he started his own business, bought his dream car, met his dream girl, and is living a life he never thought possible. He has more energy. A greater ability to focus. And, more importantly, he’s happier, all because he decided to Man Up! And take the PowerHowse Challenge.

Back to my mentor, and my transformation… 

Here are 3 of the main myths he dispelled. Things you’re probably doing that are holding you back from building lean muscle.

Myth #1 Strength Doesn’t = Muscle

You can train for strength, and you can train for muscle. But the two are exclusive. I was actually pretty strong for my size, but my size was so diminutive that it really didn’t matter.

He showed me the art of changing my tempos to build more muscle. With strength and power training, you focus only on the concentric contraction, and the eccentric contraction is simply the release of the weight back to the starting position – in a controlled manner, of course.

But this guy showed me that by using lighter weights, with different tempos, I could maximize my muscle growth, putting my muscles through much more time under tension, while also shortening my workouts. I go over all of these principles in the PowerHowse Challenge Ebook (122-page manual). But he showed me how to create more muscle damage, bringing more blood to my muscles, in much less time.

Gaining size isn’t necessarily about lifting heavy weights. When I started lifting lighter weights, with slower eccentric contractions, I started putting on size immediately.

Myth #2 Hypertrophy (muscle building) is Within the 10-12 Rep Range

When I was getting my personal training certification, they gave weight training 3 categories:

  1. Power: 4-6 reps
  2. Hypertrophy: 10-12 reps
  3. Endurance: 15+ reps

This is the foundation that every personal trainer has. This categorization is in every personal training manual on the planet, and it’s a big reason why so many trainers suck at helping people gain muscle.

Hypertrophy can’t be diminished, even relegated to a fix rep range. Hypertrophy is building muscle. To build muscle, we need rep variation. We need different tempos, and we need to be performing the right exercises to maximize our gains.

By sticking to that “hypertrophy rep range”, we’re guaranteeing that we’re not going to build as much muscle as we want. We might see some gains early on, but they’ll fade and plateau as our bodies adapt to the demands we place on them.

We NEED the power rep ranges, the 10-12’s, and even the higher, endurance rep ranges of 20-25 reps to see maximal muscle gains. If you don’t have ALL OF THESE rep ranges in your training, you won’t build as much muscle as you want to.

Myth #3 Cardio is For Skinny People

sprinter vs runner

When we think of cardio, we think of long runs, and scrawny weaklings… Or at least I did. But sprinting – NOT jogging – can help us keep our muscle gains lean. 

  • Long runs raise our cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone involved in our fight or flight response to stress – in this case, prolonged physical stress. It makes our bodies use muscle and bone as fuel, storing fat for future emergencies (as a last resort).
  • They also put a lot of stress on our lower back and knees – much more than the alternatives I’ll share with you below.

Sprints, on the other hand…

  • Elevate our human growth hormone levels (HGH), helping us burn more fat, and repair muscle tissue at a much better rate.
  • They also force us to tap into our stored fat for energy and fuel, because of the extreme heart rate levels we experience during a brief, but intense, sprint.

Make each of these changes in your routine right now, and you’ll start seeing improvements.

Day one, my mentor flipped my world on its head, and within a couple weeks of working with him, I began to transform my body. 9 months later, I was a new man. And I had him to thank for that…

But I wasn’t about to stop there…

After winning my last fight, I decided I wanted to break off on my own, and start my own business. I wanted to learn more, and help more guys experience the life-changing transformation that I experienced.

I took what my mentor originally taught me, and built on it. Over the next few years I spent my waking hours helping guys build their dream body in the gym – and in the kitchen – then put my remaining hours towards research. I tried everything. Studied what worked best and what didn’t. I still do this today.

I then decided I wanted more guys like us to benefit from what I’ve found. 

  • I wanted guys like us to STOP wasting their time!
  • Stop hurting themselves!
  • Stop working hard and seeing no results!

If I told you that you were going to have your dream body in 9 months, all you had to do was spend $1000, would you?

That’s a lot of money. But I bet you’re at least thinking about it, am I right?

I probably would’ve said yes, back when I was skinny. I wanted to change my life so bad, that there’s no real price limit I would’ve set on something so important to me.

If $1000 is too much, how about $500, or even $200, for a specific, and purposeful plan that – if followed – will help you build your dream body?

I would have said yes to all of the above for a guarantee on a transformation.

Well, when I set out to create a system that would help skinny guys like I was, transform their bodies, I OVER-DELIVERED by a mile.

At first, it was a passion project. But that passion project blew up. I started writing blog posts, but – at the request of my growing readership – I put all of my training lessons, techniques, myths, and tactics into a 122-page ebook.

EBooks_DVD_compilation best

  • The Fast & Furious Cardio System he showed me with 9 months worth of progressions to help you get in the best athletic shape of your life.
  • The 9 Months of Action-Packed Programs that my mentor gave me, that helped me gain 32 pounds in 32 weeks!
  • Meal plans that will provide you with the best fuel you can have to build the best-conditioned, and best LOOKING body you can possibly build, no matter your weight, shape, or size.
  • I then created the MEMBERS SITE, where all of the members can talk, help eachother out, and ask me questions.

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So, if you’re tired of working hard but not getting the results you want to get. If you’re sick of the body you have. If you want to finally build lean muscle, become a great athlete, to become stronger, faster, and more powerful, and if you finally want to stop wasting your time in the gym…

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