Attention:The Program You're Doing RIGHT NOW Is Making Your Body UGLIER!

Why Using Conventional Training Splits Is Ruining Your Physique (How to Train to Build the Perfect Body).

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Dear friend,

Did you know that the way you’re training right now actually making your belly appear bigger and your shoulders appear smaller?

Open up a bodybuilding or powerlifting magazine and you’ll see guys with belly’s – there may be abs covering said belly, but their waist still pops out in front of their chest.

If you’re doing squats and deadlifts, and even leg presses, bench presses, and bent over rows, you’re well on your way to creating the same kind of body (NOT A GOOD THING). However, you can build the V Shaped Torso without dieting or cutting, simply by changing the way you workout.


In This Article You’ll To Morph The Shape of Your Body With a New Way of Training.


There’s a different way to do things that will get you the shape you want, and the muscle you seem to be unable to build, of course, it’s an out of the box approach, something even I was resistant to as it basically flies in the face of everything you’ll read in bodybuilding mags…

…But it works.

After you read this article you’ll:

  • Discover a training method different from anything you’ve seen before or even been told about before.
  • Discover how body-part splits, full body splits, and conventional bodybuilding workouts give you a O Shaped Physique, not a V Shape.
  • Discover a new way to workout that will help you build the perfect muscle, and the perfectly shaped physique, while spending LESS TIME IN THE GYM.

When most guys start training they work one body part a day for 5 days in a week. Some are smart, they build a base by training 3 days a week, doing full body workouts.

There’s a problem with BOTH of these methods: They build imbalanced, imperfect muscles.

Let’s use the back muscles as an example as it’s a very important part of developing a V Shape.

When you train your back you typically work the lats from a vertical angle – doing pulldowns – from a horizontal angle – doing rows – and the traps – doing upright rows. That’s 3 plains, rarely do we work all of them in a back workout in a body part split, and especially not in a full body split.

But that’s not it for back.

The traps are split into 3 sections:

  • The mid trap
  • Upper trap
  • Lower trap

Each aspect of the muscle requires a different exercise and angle of training.

That’s a minimum of 3 sets spent on traps alone!

The lats also need different angles and grips to develop the lower, mid, and upper part of the lats. You use a close grip to work the bottom part of the lat, a row to work the middle portion, and a wide, vertical grip to work the widest portion of the muscle.

There are simply too many different aspects of the muscle to work with a conventional workout.

As a result, most guys only work one or two angles, and almost all guys fail to build the V-Shape because they’re neglecting their rhomboids, rear deltoids, and Teres minor and major, let alone the multiple angles of the lats and trapezius muscles.

Another problem with “conventional workouts”…

They’re too balanced for you to cure weak points in your training and develop a V Shape.

The back muscles and the deltoids need more work than the chest and arms to create a V Shaped torso. But they’re given the exact same amount of sets in conventional workouts.


The result: an imbalanced physique.


I was well on my way to building one, too.

My waist grew, my shoulders didn’t (when I started training like a bodybuilder). That is, until I created a new method, a new way to train, to develop each muscle completely, and to focus first on the muscles that build the V Shaped Torso – or as it’s known in most circles: the Perfect Male Body.

A couple years ago I gained 32 pounds of ripped muscle in 32 weeks. A transformation that followed none of the training and nutrition “facts” I had believed my whole life. It was also a transformation that spurred me on to create my own business…

I’ve since been featured in Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, The Art of Manliness, Elite FTS, as well as a dozen or so other publications. I was even named one of the TOP 50 TRAINERS in AMERICA by SHAPE MAGAZINE.

I earned that title because of how I’ve helped guys like you and I, who, no matter what they did, couldn’t build the body they wanted, make a physical change like nothing they’d experienced before.

How did I do what nothing else could?

I showed them a new way of doing things, a different way of doing things. If you’re not getting the best possible results, it’s time to make a change. To get the perfect V you need the “Perfect V Method” that I’ve created (I’ll tell you about it in a second…).

This Method of Training Has Helped Hundreds Create Their First Transformation.

Guys like Barry…

Before we met, Barry had tried everything under the sun, but couldn’t gain a pound of muscle. The unique tactics and theories we applied to his training allowed him to explode, completely transforming his body and his life.

Barry Pics

“Chad has was the motivating factor to take me from the ordinary to the extradinary. I was always the guy who went in to the gym every week knowing that I was doing the same thing I did the week before. The dynamic workouts I learned from Chad have forever changed my body and my lifestyle. I was tired of telling people I went to the gym four days a week but was scared to take my shirt off. His work outs JUST MAKE SENSE.” ~ Barry M

And Nate,

A guy who’d never been able to change the shape of his body, added width in his shoulders and shrunk his waist.


What is the Perfect V Method?


First, this IS NOT about muscle building vs fat loss, it’s about building the perfect shape, after that you can add more muscle or burn more fat and you’re going to do with the PERFECT PROPORTIONS.

The Perfect V Method is a specialization program that focuses developing ONE MUSCLE at a time, before moving on to the next muscle. 

This way you can work the muscle 3-4 days a week (with one full body maintenance day to ensure that the rest of your body doesn’t shrink), from every angle, with every exercise…

But it’s not that simple.

With every workout you work one angle, so that during the next workout, the part of the muscle you worked last time is in recovery. 

What makes the Perfect V Method so unique is that it completely focuses on the two muscle groups that create the Perfect V:

  • The Deltoids, and the
  • The Back

If you’re just starting out, this program will give you the base you need to build upon, rather than the rounded, bloated body that comes from bulking.

If you’ve already built a base, the Perfect V Solution will completely improve the shape of your body, while helping you maintain your base, and shed fat.

ONLY $15?!

What do you get?

The Ebook

Discover what to eat and when to eat it. Learn how to lift weights, not just what to do when you’re in the gym. I show you the theory behind the Perfect V Solution.

You’ll discover how to build your ideal physique and keep it for the rest of your life.


The Best, Strangest 2 Months of Training You’ll Ever Experience.

I show you exactly what to do in the gym. What cadences and tempo you should be following. What exercises to do. You’ll learn unique sets and exercises that will help you build the Ultimate V Shape physique in only 2 months.



The Deltoid Destroyer

As a SPECIAL BONUS we’ve added the Deltoid Destroyer, a complete deltoid program that you can continue with AFTER you’ve finished the PVS system to make sure you’re building the broadest shoulders you can possibly build.




The V Finishers Series

We’ve also added the V Finishers Series, a collection of finishers that you can add to the end of any program to continue to help you build this “perfect v” even after you’ve graduated past the Perfect V Solution.

The only question: Are You An Action Taker? An EARLY ADOPTER? A guy who’s willing to do what others aren’t to get the results others aren’t going to get?


I’d say yes. But…



You’ll only get results if you…

  • Find it hard to gain lean muscle mass.
  • Don’t just want a GOOD body, you want a GREAT one.
  • Are willing to work hard!

Don’t waste anymore time on programs that don’t work. On supplements that aren’t getting you results.

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