Tired of Not Seeing What You Want to See In The Mirror? Keep Reading to Discover The Strange Solution That Will Help You Transform Your Body Into Perfection in Only 2 Months.

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From Chad Howse.

Dear friend,

My name is Chad Howse. I’m the owner of Chad Howse Fitness, and the creator of The Perfect V Solution. My articles and videos have appeared in Men’s Fitness, EliteFITS, BodyBuilding.com, as well as dozens of other publications.

A couple years ago I gained 32 pounds of ripped muscle in 32 weeks. A transformation that followed none of the training and nutrition “facts” I had believed my whole life (more on this later). It was also a transformation that spurred me on to create my own business…

More importantly…

I’ve helped OTHER GUYS like you and me build their ideal physique.

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Before we met, Barry had tried everything under the sun, but couldn’t gain a pound of muscle. The unique tactics and theories we applied to his training allowed him to explode, completely transforming his body and his life.

“Chad has was the motivating factor to take me from the ordinary to the extradinary. I was always the guy who went in to the gym every week knowing that I was doing the same thing I did the week before. The dynamic workouts I learned from Chad have forever changed my body and my lifestyle. I was tired of telling people I went to the gym four days a week but was scared to take my shirt off. His work outs JUST MAKE SENSE.”

Barry M


As much as you may not believe it, your perfect physique is attainable. Not only is it attainable, by following the strange strategies I’m going to show you, it’s actually probable.

I didn’t always believe something like that was possible. Especially for a guy like me or Barry. Let me tellyou a quick little story…

…”There’s NO WAY in hell I’m ever going to construct my ideal body. NO WAY.” That’s me talking before I met my mentor. I trained 7 days a week and never gained a single pound of muscle. Skinny. Unconfident. Lost and confused with my training and nutrition. Today, I’m strong. I’m confident. And I’m finally living a Legendary life like I had always dreamed about.

My transformation started with me doing two things:

1) I found a mentor.

2)I started boxing.

The boxing is another story for another day. But When I started with my mentor I had nothing but questions and dreams. I wanted to build my perfect physique. That physique that artists have been obsessed with since before the Renaissance. Guys like Michaelangelo and Da Vinci actually created a formula for the perfect male physique… and that’s what I wanted.

I told my mentor, a trainer of professional athletes who was kind enough to take me on as an apprentice, that I wanted to add 35 lbs of ripped muscle. I wanted to become a better athlete. To have more power and speed; and in turn, more confidence.

Instead of laughing at me, he told me about a unique solution that would actually create this physique. Even with a skinny guy like me. And fast.

That solution is V-Specialization.

Without giving away all of my secrets, it’s a training method that focuses on developing one muscle at a time with unique exercises designed to build a well-rounded, full muscle. It’s a nutrition method that focuses on building lean muscle mass, boosting testosterone naturally, and losing fat all at once. Again, it has to do with timing.

After my transformation I went on to become a successful fitness author. My articles are seen in some of the biggest publications in the health & fitness niche in the world.

The Perfect-V Solution, is the same one that helped me build my ideal shape and muscle structure. The same with Barry. When I worked with Barry he was paying $80-$100/session to learn this unique solution. And learn how to apply it.

When I decided to write the ebook and show this solution to the public, I asked a few friends who do what I do, what I should sell it for. The ebook, the programs, the nutrition guide, and the members site. They all said no less than $100.

I saw where they were coming from. I charged clients up to $100 for just one session. This solution is 2-months worth of V-Shape molding madness. But times are tough and, to be honest, I’d rather have the whole world benefit from this solution than the few who can afford it.

And so, I’m giving it to you for $7. I was going to do $47, but why not knock down that “4” and just leave the “7” up there?

What do you get?

The Ebook

Discover what to eat and when to eat it. Learn how to lift weights, not just what to do when you’re in the gym. I show you the theory behind the Perfect V Solution.

You’ll discover how to build your ideal physique and keep it for the rest of your life.



The Programs

I show you exactly what to do in the gym. What cadences and tempo you should be following. What exercises to do. You’ll learn unique sets and exercises that will help you build the Ultimate V Shape physique in only 2 months.



The Members Site

You also gain access to the members forum where I’ll be answering questions. You’ll have direct access to me and my team as well as the other members on the system.



The Perfect V Solution is right for you if…

You find it hard to gain lean muscle mass.
You don’t just want a GOOD body, you want a GREAT one.
You’re willing to work hard.

Don’t waste anymore time on programs that don’t work. On supplements that aren’t getting you results.

Click the link below and get access to the solution that will help you build your ideal physique for only $7.