How to Maximize Results At A Bad Gym (or no gym)

bodybuilder training with dumbbells

Most emotions aren’t real. Fear isn’t real, it’s merely a perception of a situation. Sometimes fear can be a good thing, like when it gives us more energy and a heightened awareness so we’re able to better defend ourselves. Other times fear can be crippling, paralyzing any chance we have of living a successful and [...]

The Leg Day to End All Leg Days


Prior to writing this article I spent a couple of wonderful days visiting family in the north of Italy near a town called Udine. As Italian families do, I was spoiled with some of the most delicious food my tastebuds have ever had to pleasure of coming in contact with and in amounts that sent [...]

Hercules: The Thracian Wars Workout

Statue of Hercules

Amidst a rare slumber I toss and turn in a tent not much bigger than my frame. The solid ground, my mattress. The battle that awaits, invading my dreams, not so much for the horror that may be inflicted upon me, but the horrors I will inflict upon others. The sun peaks through an open [...]

How to Spend Your Money That’s Budgeted for Fitness & Health

Fitness Products

So you’ve budgeted your money for the month and the year and you’ve come up with an amount that you want to spend on your health, fitness, and becoming a stronger man. Where should you spend this money to maximize your results, ensuring you get the results you’ve set out to get this year? Assuming, [...]

5 Exercises Guys Need to Be Doing More


I like trying different things in the gym, which is typically why I use workout programs that are created by friends of mine because they’re going to make me do stuff that I may not want to do. If I’m testing something that I’m creating, that’s obviously what I’ll do, but I like trying new things. [...]

Where Toughness is Born.


The human condition is one that gravitates towards ease. The technology industry has taken this fundamental human desire and made billions in feeding it. The TV, the cell phone, the car, the airplane, the computer, the search engine, and social media all provide a shortcut to an end. The airplane, obviously, a shortcut to a [...]

The Tao of Iron

perfect male body according to women

Leaders, warriors, real men. There’s a growing call to see more of each in today’s society. As our world becomes more materialistic, our identities become intertwined with our Facebook profiles, we begin to lose the values that develop these leaders, warriors, and real men. Alas, the gym, that secluded fortress of iron, becomes a place [...]

Bro, You’re Eating Like a Woman!


I grew up watching Westerns and Action films. It was Arny’s heyday, Stallone was on top of his game, and movies like Tombstone brought the wild west to my living room. As far as the cinema was concerned, there isn’t a better time to have grown up, and to say that these movies didn’t influence how [...]

Booze and Building Muscle

Meat is a great source of B12. :)

The first time we became acquainted she made my head spin. I wasn’t yet ready for her. She was too strong for me. Too bold. I couldn’t appreciate how age had brought her character. How it added to her depth. How it gave her layers. Unlike the others I’d tried of different colors and flavors, [...]

Two supplements that suck and two that don’t

Ah supplements. Those pills, powders, and potions that promise us the world, but rarely deliver much of anything. The fitness industry is largely run by the supplement companies that feed us biased information in cunning effort to get us to spend more money on things that they sell. What works and what doesn’t isn’t always [...]

The Muscle Building Meal Guide

I was a tad skinny as a kid. You could say that I was the runt of a litter of one. And that didn’t change for a long time – I stayed skinny until my mid-twenties. Being skinny isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it isn’t the best thing either. And isn’t that [...]

5 Simple Steps to Look And Perform Better At The Same Time

When I first walk down the broken, battered steps that led to the sweat-marinated walls of my boxing gym, I was faced with a bit of a dilemma. At the time I was a tad chubby, and still scrawny. My endurance was decent. My power, ok. But I was nothing special, and I needed to become [...]

5 Simple Steps to Increase Testosterone Levels in Men

A few years ago something clicked in my often stubborn mind that led me down a journey to find the “secret” to a strong, powerful, alpha-esque body. A secret that I eventually found in the powerful, often vilified hormone, Testosterone. Alas, there I stood, weights in hand, sweat pouring from my brow as I lifted the [...]

21 Reasons Why A Great Body Just Isn’t For You

Have you ever thought that maybe a great body just isn’t in your cards? That maybe you’re destined to be fat, out of shape, scrawny, or weak? I’ve been there. But I had to come to grips with one very simple fact, a fact that we’ll delve into within the following article. This article will [...]

Are you still trying to build your ideal body?

The question above was posed to the readers of this site last week. The responses were plenty – and each of them will be tended to. They varied from a simple, yes, to some truly heart-warming and inspiring stories, and I thank you all for the emails you sent. But I chose my words carefully. I didn’t ask Are [...]