We Can’t Reach Our Potential Without Competition

The rope

Whatever I shouldn’t do, I did. Whatever I was told to avoid I would seek. If something seemed even a bit dangerous I was there. My heroes were cowboys, outlaws, wiseguys and winners. Guys on the outskirts who did more, risked greater, worked harder, not confined to the monotony that pervades every town and city [...]

5 Worldviews You Need to Succeed at Anything

successful worldviews

How you view the world will largely determine what you accomplish, and what you can accomplish is who you are. For example, the term “he has a good heart” is irrelevant if “his” actions don’t provide proof. If you truly want to be a success, if you truthfully want to help people and better their lives, if [...]

Things That Weaken You vs Those That Strengthen You, Toughen You.

The Easy Life

Life was never better, though I didn’t have time to stop and smell the roses as the savings were disappearing, the numbers counting down like New Years in New York. The work days were more of a marathon variety, lasting upwards of 17 hours, and I had no financial gains to show for my work, I [...]

9 Lessons in Manhood from John Wayne

John Wayne

To watch a John Wayne movie is to take a course in masculinity. It’s to view the values in action that should be at the forefront of any man’s life. Values that are, by in large, fleeting in a society that’s losing it’s strong, masculine virtues and along with them it’s moral compass and worse, it’s [...]

It’s Never Too Late To Chase Your Dreams

Old man riding a bike to sunny sunset sky

We’re oddly creative at excusing ourselves from success yet don’t bring that same creativity to creating success. We excuse ourselves from living the life we want to live because of our starting point. We say it’s not the right time to start living our dreams, that tomorrow is a much more convenient time to begin. We even coerce [...]

Motivation is a Myth. Get Hungry.

Stunning facial portrait of male lion on black background in bla

It isn’t motivation you need, it’s hunger. It’s not inspiration or passion, but hunger. Some are hungry for success and for improvement no matter how successful they get because they’re also worried that they’re losing this hunger, constantly. It’s fear of complacency that drives them as much as a desire for greatness. It may be [...]

Forget Finding Your Passion. Just Work.


“Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time, who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done, if we are always doing.” ~ Thomas Jefferson The word “work” is far too often spoken with a tinge of resentment. Many of us resent where [...]

The Beauty of Being Breathtakingly Brilliant At What You Do

David, Jesus

There’s an aura surrounding certain men where their talents seem so supreme that it’s as if God paid just a bit more attention in creating them for a single purpose. To watch Pirlo make plays, Brady throw touchdowns, Mayweather throw hooks and catch jabs with his shoulder and to come out of a 12 round [...]

A Bucket List Fit for a Legend


I’d rather spend my money on experiences or on my business than on things. It’s a realization I had a couple years ago whilst sitting with a pal, pint of Guinness in me hand, cigar in me mouth talking about cars and trucks and other things that are of little significance in life’s grander scheme [...]

Bring Me Giants: Every Man Needs to Dare Mightier

david golliath

I sit down like any other day, coffee to my right, its heavy, earthy scent filling the room, awakening my imagination, calling my soul to do what it knows it must. Oh how I love coffee. It’s the first thing I look forward to when I lay down at night. The taste. The warmth. The [...]

The Stories That Need to be Told

American Military Cemetery, Omaha Beach, Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandy, France

D-Day was only a few days ago but the stories I heard and watched hit me, stuck with me. All of them. These aren’t stories that should die with the Greatest Generation, but stories that need to be kept alive. But how? There are days, birthdays, Remembrance Days, Veteran’s Days, D-Days, when mere moments in time’s [...]

Yes, You Should Man Up and Grow a Pair.

Lion against stormy sky

Sitting on me arse, writing away, I broke one of my own golden rule; I got distracted. I opened my email account to check what was going on in the middle of a workday when I was supposed to be writing, not emailing or Googling or Facebooking. It was with that initial act of weakness, [...]

Life is Just One Big Pissing Contest

pissing contest

Standing in front of the toilet with far too much water built up in my bladder, I let it fly. The sound is Niagara falls-esque as it wakes up my deaf dog, the neighbors, and any other living being within a 10 block radius. The birds begin to chirp a few hours too early and the rooster crows [...]