To Become an Alpha Male You Must Seek the Uncomfortable


As you wade through the multitude of articles on the interwebz force-feeding you tips and tactics on how to become an alpha male, stop here. Entertain the idea that an alpha male isn’t stupid or rude or crude, but honest and honorable and courageous and gritty. Rethink your idea of your ideal. Deconstruct the ideas [...]

How to Build More Muscle When All You Have Is Lighter Weights

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The other day I walked into yet another gym that only had light weights. It’s been an issue throughout my travels, gyms that have only lighter dumbbells and if they do have barbells, the bar is 15 kilos and the plates are fine but few in number. And so, I’ve had to adjust my training, [...]

Fight for the Moment

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Be fully in the moment, open yourself to the powerful energies that are dancing around you. ~ Hemingway Heroes are realized in moments of grand action. They’re made over years of battling, braving the harshness that others avoid, building resilience and grit that most don’t have the patience for. Where warriors, legends, and heroes excel, isn’t [...]

How to Become World Class


I was out for a few beers last night with a couple pal’s. Both guys are successful. They’re very good at what they do, and the confidence that comes with being good – even the best – at what they do comes across, not in an arrogant way, but in an assertive attitude. Every man [...]

Steven Pressfield Giveaway

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I can live without TV. I feel fine without my phone. But if you were to take my books away from me, I’d surely go mad. If you took my words away from me, my ability to write – even to myself – I’m not sure how I’d survive. It wasn’t, however, always so. In high [...]

How to Accept Your Reality and Make the Best of It


Reality, that is, the way things are, is something we tend to avoid, manipulate, or fear. I woke up with a stinging headache with my eyes unable to focus, my stomach queazy and as if I was about erupt from both ends (I’ll stop painting that picture here). I stood up, the alarm still ringing, [...]

you can’t pursue happiness, but here’s how you can create it

Happiness isn’t a pursuit. You don’t Get Happy, you Be Happy. Happiness exists in what you do and who you are, not in what you’re chasing or who you want to be. Thus, the importance of doing what makes you happy, and being a man you’re proud to be. If you relegate happiness to a place that can only occur in your [...]

Dare Mighty Things

It is not the critic who counts; Critics don’t create. They wait for the creations of the brave souls who are willing to lay it all on the line to create something. It’s the critic who then decides to dissect it, tear it down, and look for its flaws. The critic doesn’t matter. Never let [...]

Society Breeds Cowards: How to Use the Iron to Become An Alpha Male

I’ve mentioned Theodore Roosevelt on this site before, and held him up as an example as to how a man should live. He pursued his ambitions, even against the wishes of his family. He traveled the world, faced his fears, and was one of the greatest Presidents America has ever known. I mentioned Roosevelt, however, not [...]

7 No B.S. Life Lessons From Tony Soprano

My mom is Italian. She came over on a boat from Italy not long after the Second World War had come to an end. Maybe that’s why I have always loved gangsters, and especially those of the Italian variety. Or, maybe it’s because gangsters are the cowboys of my generation. They’re the outlaws. The men [...]

How to Be Superman

Superheroes were created to fill our desire, in part, to have a hero, but also to be a hero. For the Alphas in the crowd, it’s likely more the latter. There’s nothing a guy wants more than to be a hero. To come swooping in to save the day, the damsel in distress, and to [...]

Where Have Men With Honor Gone?

Honor is the defining quality of a warrior. It’s also the defining quality of a real man, for a human male who doesn’t live with honor is more a child than a man, a coward than a warrior. Honor is what holds a man steady in times of tribulation, as well as in times of [...]

Why War is a Good Thing, If You’re a Warrior

Men have been warriors as long as we’ve, well, been. It’s when a man is a warrior, that he is at his greatest. It’s when he’s at battle that he rises to his greatest self. It’s no wonder that many of the greatest men in history are also those who’ve faced the greatest trials. It’s also [...]

The Jungle Gym Workout

The jungle gym has long been a refuge for kids to run, play tag, and escape the confines of school. Today things are different. With the rise of video games, computers, and all things technology, jungle gyms are becoming more and more vacant. While this is terrible for the youth of America, it’s great for [...]

How to Transform Your Body

When we’re walking a journey alone, when we’re our only form of supervision, the man in the mirror, the only one we’re accountable to, we don’t always do the work, or do what’s necessary. That’s what makes the entrepreneur, the writer, or the artist so powerful – they do the work even when no one [...]