When Knowledge Isn’t Enough

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Welcome! As a Gift, Check Out This FREE ProgramThe notion that knowledge is power is a fallacy. It isn’t power unless you apply it. There are plenty of broke geniuses just as there are a multitude of rich guys who didn’t have the brain power of the genius, but they had the work ethic, and [...]

3 Ways You Can Use Isometric Exercises To Get Stronger

Chad Howse Workout

Hey fellas, the following is a guest post by my friend, Todd. He’s going to give us some info on a completely different method of training, something that you won’t hear coming from me, so it’s great to have another perspective on the site. Make sure you read the whole article and discover how isometric exercises [...]

Super Bowl Diet Tips: Eat Like a Damn Man!

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I turned on the radio this morning, a rarity in my vehicle, and what I heard was yet another reason why I prefer cd’s and audiobooks. ‘Twas a voice of a lady, of the hippie variety, providing guys with “healthy” meals to eat during this year’s Super Bowl. “I have a divine cabbage role recipe”, [...]

Cool Stuff for Guys: Minutemen Watch, Knife, Gym Bag, Beard Kit, Jeans.

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This week’s Cool Stuff is the best by far. Not only is everything damn cool in this list, but it’s all affordable and applicable to our everyday lives. No Unnecessary clutter – unless you’re beardless (no. 3). Just cool stuff that we’d all love to have. And we’re getting things started off on the right foot with no. [...]

Do This 1 Thing Everyday to Be Successful

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Success is simple. If you work hard, doing the right stuff, you’re going to be a success. Of course, figuring out what the right stuff is takes a lot of work in and of itself. But success is still simple, it just isn’t easy. So as the internet is flooded with article upon article on how to [...]

5 Brutal Workout Finishers


As I get on in years – I can hear you chuckle at a 28 year even whisper words like that, so I say it sheepishly – I begin to see fitness not as how you look, though I’ve never really seen it as such, but what you can do. As a man, I think [...]

The Last Man Standing


Watch any John Wayne movie and you’ll find manly characteristics that are common in each of the many roles he’s played. For one, they never complained. If they were faced with a problem they dealt with it head on. They were strong, assertive, and confident, and they dealt with others in this manner as well, never [...]

Cool Stuff for Guys: Juicer, Watch, Toothbrush, Journal, Flask.

Cognac, flask and pipe

If there’s one thing lacking in my diet, it’s in the vegetable department. If there’s an “accessory” I’ve always been fond of it’d be the wrist watch. In this week’s Cool Stuff for Guys I give you the remedy for that first gap in my nutrition, as well as one of the finest, masculine-looking examples [...]

The Difference Between Mental & Physical Toughness

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Mental toughness is often mentioned as a necessary attribute for success. Is there, however, a difference between plain old toughness, and mental toughness? And how do you develop both? Mental Toughness is Toughness. For some reason we feel the need to separate toughness and mental toughness, but the truth is that all toughness, even of [...]

How to Spend Your Money That’s Budgeted for Fitness & Health

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So you’ve budgeted your money for the month and the year and you’ve come up with an amount that you want to spend on your health, fitness, and becoming a stronger man. Where should you spend this money to maximize your results, ensuring you get the results you’ve set out to get this year? Assuming, [...]