Try NOT Being Yourself for a Change

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Welcome! As a Gift, Check Out This FREE ProgramToo many of us have settled; we’ve settled for a life that’s not indicative of what we’re capable of, a life that’s short of our potential and even our aspirations. We’ve also settled into our roles. From the time we were a wee lad, our friends, family, [...]

25 Lessons Happy People Learn

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There’s a misconception about happiness; that somehow happy people aren’t also tough people. To be happy, I mean truly happy, not merely ignorant to the ills and pain in the world, but someone who’s been through hell, and come out better for it, you have to be tough. If you’re not tough, life, at some point, will [...]

8 Reasons Why You’ll Never Live the Life You’re Capable of Living

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Excuses come in all shapes and forms, and they’ll continue to take on other shapes and forms, that is, until we remove them from our lives, and begin to live our lives on our terms. Here are 8 reasons why you’ll never live the grand, epic life that you’re capable of living. All 8 things, may not describe [...]

A Man’s Guide to Packing

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I’ve written about it at length, but why not mention it once more; life is an adventure – or at least it should be. Of course, it’s all a matter of perspective. I mean, I have a ripping good time even when I’m sitting on me arse with a cigar in my mouth, glass of [...]

The Tale Of The Warrior And The Coward

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“The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything either as a blessing or a curse.” ~ Carlos Casteneda There’s a profound difference between the ordinary man and the warrior, and it has not to do with their physical [...]

Man Up! The “That’s Just Your Opinion” Argument is for Losers

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The latest episode of the Man Up! series on the Youtubes covers the belief that your life is out of your control, that your future isn’t in your hands, and that your success or lack-there-of is pre-determined. Typically, when the opposite idea that your future is in your hands is brought up, it’s hit with the common, lazy rebuttal [...]

3 Sure-Fire Methods for Peeled Six-Pack Abs without Muscle Loss

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One of the tricks with getting a six pack, and forging those defined abs, is keeping muscle loss at bay. As such, getting ripped abs isn’t simply a matter of reducing calories, it’s a little more complicated than that. Fortunately a good buddy of mine, Alain Gonzalez, has been kind enough to write an article [...]

Stuff That Makes You Better: The Video, The Shirt, the Mission

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The mission for this site is pretty clear. My goal has always been to not only become better myself, but bring other guys along with me. Good, strong, self-reliant, manly men are becoming more of a rarity in today’s society. We need them, a lot more of them. But we’re creating less of them. This is a problem, [...]

Hercules: The Thracian Wars Workout

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Amidst a rare slumber I toss and turn in a tent not much bigger than my frame. The solid ground, my mattress. The battle that awaits, invading my dreams, not so much for the horror that may be inflicted upon me, but the horrors I will inflict upon others. The sun peaks through an open [...]

When Knowledge Isn’t Enough

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The notion that knowledge is power is a fallacy. It isn’t power unless you apply it. There are plenty of broke geniuses just as there are a multitude of rich guys who didn’t have the brain power of the genius, but they had the work ethic, and work ethic is what matters in life. Today [...]