3 Exercises That Boost Hormones & Build Explosive Power

How to Build Explosive Power

Welcome! As a Gift, Check Out This FREE ProgramThe following is a guest article from Rich Thaw. There are only two ways to burn fat, build muscle and kick anabolic hormones into high gear, fast. 1) Lift heavy weights 2) Sprint Most guys fail to lean down because of a simple flaw in their training [...]

Dreams Don’t Come True. Plans Come True.

Alexander the Great

My dream is my dream. I hold it close. I guard it. I protect it by making plans to end its existence as a dream and graduate it to a reality. A dream that stays a dream is about as useful as a tit on a boar hog. It does nothing but damage. A dream [...]

To Live As William Wallace Lived.

braveheart paint

I am William Wallace, or at least I’m in his mind as I walk up the steep hill on the way to the monument that’s erected in his honor. I close my eyes, for a moment, to bring myself back to a time when freedom was something men were willing to die for and tyranny [...]

The Simple Difference Between the Good and the Great


I got started quickly today at 5 am, writing, reading, reviewing, trying to finish my to do list before noon so I could get out and enjoy my last day in Rome – for this, the first stint of the 3 month trip – but things started to decline rapidly after about the first hour [...]

The One Thing That’s Stopping You From Being ‘In The Arena’.


My mind was racing. I’d just stepped off the plane from England to Rome that, of course, began in Vancouver only a day before. Now, for the first time I was about to step beneath the columns that line Colosseum and into its heart. There wasn’t one singular thought in my head. I wasn’t just [...]

5 Ways to Stay Lean While Traveling

rome chad

To diet while traveling is a slap in the face of the experience, or what the experience should be. Part of enjoying a new culture and way of life is enjoying the cuisine. But how does a guy enjoy the pastas and pastries of Italy, for example, without also adding a dozen extra pounds of fat in the [...]

Will You Teach Me How to Be a Man?

Theodore Roosevelt Statue

When I was 3 my old man taught me how to skate. I think it was the same year I learned how to throw a baseball and football and throw a punch, but hockey is what’s stuck in my mind as my first athletic skill because with skating and puck-handling I was also shown how [...]

The Secret of Life: One Thing

one thing

What separates great men from the rest of those who only toil with their potential isn’t the ability to do more, but the ability to focus on one thing and see it to fruition. No matter what distractions come their way it’s the great men who are able to resist them and maintain focus on that one [...]

10 Ways The Gym Makes You a Better Man

TR moose

I went to the gym today even though I didn’t feel like it. That’s a win. I pushed myself to lift heavier weights and for a few more reps than I really cared to; yet another win. I struggled through pain and fought my mind when it told me to quit, when it tried to [...]