The Myth of Multitasking: 9 Ways to Accomplish More

Hemingway writing

It isn’t what you intend to do that matters, it’s what you do. Most of us intend to do great things but we end up doing very little. And those of us who intend to do everything end up doing nothing. The myth of multitasking is a productivity killer. If you’re one of those guys [...]

Stop Chasing Your Dream Girl. Be a Ramblin’ Man.

Medieval knights of St. John (Hospitallers) on a horses

The scenery can’t be beat nor completely appreciated as my mind jumps from it’s beauty to the work I have laid out in front of me. Next to my laptop an old fashioned rests in the sun sweating through the glass calling me to taste its delicious nectar, each time reminding myself that at this part [...]

How to Build More Muscle When All You Have Is Lighter Weights

Young fit woman in sports outfit

The other day I walked into yet another gym that only had light weights. It’s been an issue throughout my travels, gyms that have only lighter dumbbells and if they do have barbells, the bar is 15 kilos and the plates are fine but few in number. And so, I’ve had to adjust my training, [...]

Would the 15 Year Old Version of You Be Proud of the Man You Are Today?


Would the 15 year old me be proud of the man I am today?Click To TweetPowered By CoSchedule Life isn’t a stagnant thing. It’s not something that we can do sitting still or experience in a motionless state. Life, this grand journey, needs movement and progression. It requires of us that we try things, new [...]

Men Need Freedom, But Not Necessarily the Kind We Want.


This may sound like the most obvious statement that can be made, but men need freedom, and in ways we may not want it. Hopping in the car I’ve rented for 3 weeks here in Italy I’m in control, complete control. If I want to take a left and have no idea where that left [...]

5 Ways to Live an Unrealistic Life

Epic Life

The world of the warrior, the real man, the entrepreneur, the hero, whatever moniker you want to use it matters little, is one of unrealistic expectations and effort. Their ideas, their goals, and even the hours they work are what the average and the majority would coin as “unrealistic” if they were ever asked to [...]

Does Porn Have a Place in a Man’s Life?

Porn and manhood

Where does porn fit in to your life’s narrative? That is, with you not being a guy who’s content with mediocrity but instead a man who has a fundamental understanding that we have one, brief life that’s but a flicker of light in the story of eternity, giving us a responsibility to make the best and be the best with [...]

How to Maximize Results At A Bad Gym (or no gym)

bodybuilder training with dumbbells

Most emotions aren’t real. Fear isn’t real, it’s merely a perception of a situation. Sometimes fear can be a good thing, like when it gives us more energy and a heightened awareness so we’re able to better defend ourselves. Other times fear can be crippling, paralyzing any chance we have of living a successful and [...]

8 Lessons in Manhood From the Vikings

Viking and burning building

What we think of men today is far different from what men used to be, and what men were meant to be. Men were once warriors and farmers. They were leaders and kings. They were strong, smart, and dangerous. They conquered and they defended. There was a time when the TV remote wasn’t yet invented and [...]