The Stories That Need to be Told

American Military Cemetery, Omaha Beach, Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandy, France

Welcome! As a Gift, Check Out This FREE ProgramD-Day was only a few days ago but the stories I heard and watched hit me, stuck with me. All of them. These aren’t stories that should die with the Greatest Generation, but stories that need to be kept alive. But how? There are days, birthdays, Remembrance Days, [...]

Small Priorities = Small People

biggest statue of Chinghiskhan

A priority is the thing you give your time to. Your priority right now is the thing you’re giving your time to right now in this moment. Your priorities are so important that they will dictate what you accomplish in life, what you have, your level of happiness, self-worth, and success. They will expose you, the [...]

Yes, You Should Man Up and Grow a Pair.

Lion against stormy sky

Sitting on me arse, writing away, I broke one of my own golden rule; I got distracted. I opened my email account to check what was going on in the middle of a workday when I was supposed to be writing, not emailing or Googling or Facebooking. It was with that initial act of weakness, [...]

Life is Just One Big Pissing Contest

pissing contest

Standing in front of the toilet with far too much water built up in my bladder, I let it fly. The sound is Niagara falls-esque as it wakes up my deaf dog, the neighbors, and any other living being within a 10 block radius. The birds begin to chirp a few hours too early and the rooster crows [...]

What Is Living?

bull by the horns

I know living doesn’t happen simply by breathing and being alive in a state confined to zones of comfort that we don’t dare break nor know how to do so. I know living doesn’t exist in monotony, in a mindless routine that we think we’re relegated to. Living occurs in doing what we thought we [...]

25 Ways to Find Your Rebel Soul

rebel without a cause

Live like there’s a fire lit under your ass that only action can fuel, feed, allow to grow into a blaze that will engulf the world where your name will roll off the tongue like so few legends that have come before you. Dare things so mighty that even a whisper of your plans sends [...]

The Myth of Multitasking: 9 Ways to Accomplish More

Hemingway writing

It isn’t what you intend to do that matters, it’s what you do. Most of us intend to do great things but we end up doing very little. And those of us who intend to do everything end up doing nothing. The myth of multitasking is a productivity killer. If you’re one of those guys [...]

Stop Chasing Your Dream Girl. Be a Ramblin’ Man.

Medieval knights of St. John (Hospitallers) on a horses

The scenery can’t be beat nor completely appreciated as my mind jumps from it’s beauty to the work I have laid out in front of me. Next to my laptop an old fashioned rests in the sun sweating through the glass calling me to taste its delicious nectar, each time reminding myself that at this part [...]

How to Build More Muscle When All You Have Is Lighter Weights

Young fit woman in sports outfit

The other day I walked into yet another gym that only had light weights. It’s been an issue throughout my travels, gyms that have only lighter dumbbells and if they do have barbells, the bar is 15 kilos and the plates are fine but few in number. And so, I’ve had to adjust my training, [...]