5 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Death

fear of death

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. ~ Dale Carnegie As a species, we’ve never lived longer. Death has never been so far from our reality yet so close to our thoughts. It’s [...]

12 Lessons on Manhood from Johnny Cash

Johnny cash guitar

When you watch John Wayne‘s movies you just feel like a man. When you listen to Johnny Cash’s songs, you feel that same strength and assertiveness and bravado. The depth of the voice, the pain and the power, wrapped up in medley’s about failure and loss, death and freedom. Johnny Cash is like many of [...]

12 Steps to Dress Like an Alpha Male

hemingway alpha male

An Alpha Male shouldn’t be consumed with how he dresses. He shouldn’t think about it, fret about it, or worry about it. He shouldn’t give meaning to clothes, garments, and accessories. A man’s meaning, his strength, comes from his principles and values and habits; it comes from who he is not how he looks or what [...]

Become Thine Own Prophet


As a wee one I told my parents I’d win the MVP of a hockey school I was enrolled in; a school in which I was one of the youngest participants by a good 4 years (a big gap when we’re 13). Digging myself this hole where I’d feel like a fool, a liar if I [...]

A Man’s Guide to Defeating Depression

Ddepressed man holding a drink and sleeping on a table

I had a cousin growing up, well, most of us have cousins, but this one was unique amongst my allotment of cousins. He rode a motorcycle, had a cool leather jacket, travelled all over the world, and smoked. He was a badass with a quick temper whose kind heart would always make him feel terrible if [...]

12 Ways to Be More Confident


After years of trying to become a more confident guy I finally realized this fact, that confidence isn’t necessarily a spiritual battle, nor fully a mental battle or even a self-image battle, it’s simply something we earn. Confidence is more than self-believe, but self-awareness and knowledge. It’s knowing who you are and understanding that you’re [...]

5 Ways Become More Disciplined

Statue Of Archduke Charles

Yesterday I accompanied a pal of mine to the book store. I typically don’t buy books from book stores, merely browse, take pictures, then buy them at a fraction of the price online. I’m cheap like that. Today was different. Itching for a new read I went with and took a look at what was [...]

Great Men Work Alone


Jesus went off into the wilderness alone for forty days and forty nights to think, pray, face demons, and find strength; he found it. Da Vinci, from a young age, would wander off into the wilderness to learn to paint and draw, alone. He saw the value in solitude, the idea that to be great, to [...]

11 Tips to Budget Your Money Like a Winner

How to Budget Money

I have a somewhat unique outlook on money. I don’t like a lot of it sitting around for fear of becoming content. Money, to me, is a tool. It’s a tool that can lead to freedom, but it’s a tool that I have control over. It’s doesn’t own me. It gives me no meaning in [...]

A Man Is Wild At Heart

Lion hunting high key

Suburbia freaks me out. The houses in rows. The picket fences. The stress and worry about things that matter little. The value placed on the new car in the driveway conveniently parked and washed as to let the neighbors know that you’re making more money than they, when in reality you owe more money than [...]

To Become an Alpha Male You Must Seek the Uncomfortable


As you wade through the multitude of articles on the interwebz force-feeding you tips and tactics on how to become an alpha male, stop here. Entertain the idea that an alpha male isn’t stupid or rude or crude, but honest and honorable and courageous and gritty. Rethink your idea of your ideal. Deconstruct the ideas [...]

7 Ways to Become a Better Man

Abraham Lincoln Memorial

I’m sitting in one of those leather cigar chairs with the dimples in the back-rest, writing, working, brimming with the guilt that comes with time away from my mission. I spent the last two days in the Canadian Rocky Mountains on what was one of the best golf trips I’ve had the pleasure to go on. [...]

We Can’t Reach Our Potential Without Competition

The rope

Whatever I shouldn’t do, I did. Whatever I was told to avoid I would seek. If something seemed even a bit dangerous I was there. My heroes were cowboys, outlaws, wiseguys and winners. Guys on the outskirts who did more, risked greater, worked harder, not confined to the monotony that pervades every town and city [...]

5 Worldviews You Need to Succeed at Anything

successful worldviews

How you view the world will largely determine what you accomplish, and what you can accomplish is who you are. For example, the term “he has a good heart” is irrelevant if “his” actions don’t provide proof. If you truly want to be a success, if you truthfully want to help people and better their lives, if [...]

Things That Weaken You vs Those That Strengthen You, Toughen You.

The Easy Life

Life was never better, though I didn’t have time to stop and smell the roses as the savings were disappearing, the numbers counting down like New Years in New York. The work days were more of a marathon variety, lasting upwards of 17 hours, and I had no financial gains to show for my work, I [...]