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How to Maximize Results At A Bad Gym (or no gym)

Most emotions aren't real. Fear isn't real, it's merely a perception of a situation. Sometimes fear can be a good thing, like when it gives us more energy and a heightened awareness so we're able to better defend ourselves. Other times fear can be crippling, paralyzing any chance we have of living a successful and happy life. Stress and worry aren't real, they're our perception of a situation and of our reality. By in large they're a destructive lie that we tell ourselves. A lie that pulls us … [Read More...]

How to Be a Badass

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The Ideal Start to an Ideal Day

Greatness doesn’t happen accidentally, nor does it occur in an instant. Greatness, or a grand life, an epic adventure, a legacy filled with impact and meaning to the individual and those who were fortunate enough to be a part of his life, happens … [Read More...]


The Leg Day to End All Leg Days

Prior to writing this article I spent a couple of wonderful days visiting family in the north of Italy near a town called Udine. As Italian families do, I was spoiled with some of the most delicious food my tastebuds have ever had to pleasure of … [Read More...]

Saxon King

How to Live a Story Worth Reading

The best books and films aren’t always those that are done on the grandest scale, but when your boundaries are limitless and you perfect the details, something legendary is created. The Gladiator and Braveheart found this balance in cinematic form. … [Read More...]

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How to Be An Alpha Male


The 21 Steps to Becoming an Alpha Male

The Alpha, is the ideal, the elite. It's the beginning, the first, the original. The alpha male - in the context we'll discuss in this article - isn't merely a social alpha, or a leader of a social group. He's the leader of his own life in a very powerful way. He's the leader of his friends and family, and someone who you can't avoid respecting, even admiring, for the kind of man he is in every facet of life. He's a man of honor, integrity, and strength. 21 Steps You Need to Take to Become an Alpha Male 1. Be Real With Yourself. Self awareness is a quality held by few - very few. There aren't many who can see their deepest failures and weaknesses, and have the courage to work on … [Read More...]

10 Qualities of a Modern Day Warrior

I hate putting the word "modern" next to the word warrior. Once a warrior always a warrior, I say. But the realities of our world are far different from those of warriors past; at least they appear to be on the surface... The circumstances have changed. In the past a warrior knew his enemy. He fought with a clear purpose, to defend his family, and maintain or gain their freedom. To kill his enemy with his sword, he first had to bring himself within striking distance of his enemy's weapon. Thus, to kill, he had risk his own death. Death was a daily occurrence (powerful and important). As a result, his death was accepted. There were no illusions surrounding his mortality or the preciousness … [Read More...]

Society Breeds Cowards: How to Use the Iron to Become An Alpha Male

I've mentioned Theodore Roosevelt on this site before, and held him up as an example as to how a man should live. He pursued his ambitions, even against the wishes of his family. He traveled the world, faced his fears, and was one of the greatest Presidents America has ever known. I mentioned Roosevelt, however, not only as an archetype for the alpha male (let me explain this a tad deeper in a second), but as a shining example for the power of fitness. First, let's talk about Teddy the Alpha Male - the reasons aren't necessarily what they'd appear to be. Theodore Roosevelt has all the trappings of a social alpha male. That is, the social leader of a large group. He walked into the room, … [Read More...]

How to Be Superman

Superheroes were created to fill our desire, in part, to have a hero, but also to be a hero. For the Alphas in the crowd, it's likely more the latter. There's nothing a guy wants more than to be a hero. To come swooping in to save the day, the damsel in distress, and to win the babe by beating up the brute. To be a Man of Steel. There's not a guy on the planet who, in his heart of hearts, wants to live a small, meek, uneventful life. Deep down we all hate the 9-5 because it locks us into safety, preventing us from adventure. We hate school because it tames us, domesticates us, and dampens our fire. We'd love to be a hero, but we're so emasculated, domesticated, and tamed, that the wild … [Read More...]

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